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Did you know the phrase “what is my ip” is amongst the most searched keywords on the internet? So, why are so many people searching for their ip address? Why is it important? Let’s see.


What is an IP address?

The full form of IP address is Internet Protocol address. It is a number-based marker assigned to IT devices. The device can be anything, like a cpu, a printer, etc. This number is used by your respective device to participate in computer network communication. The internet protocol address (IP address) serves two major functions, one being network or host interface identification and the other location addressing.

The reason so many people search to know ‘what is my ip’ is a clear indication that it is an important fact to know. When you face troubleshooting networking problems for example, one of the first pieces of information that your support executive will ask for is your IP address. So, how can you know your ip address?

The Different Types of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

With the recent growth of artificial intelligence (AI), it has branched out into several sub branches of itself.

· Reactive Machines AI

· Limited Memory AI

· Theory of Mind AI

· Self-aware AI

· Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

· Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

· Artificial Superhuman Intelligence (ASI)

What is Narrow AI? Narrow AI is AI that has limitations to its simulation of human behavior. Narrow AI or Weak AI is often used to simulate one task really well rather than learn as they go. While many of these AI based applications like Siri, might look intelligent, but they operate with a lot of limitations and sometimes even lack the most basic human intelligence.

What is Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)? Artificial General Intelligence is the kind of AI that uses machine learning to think more like an actual human being. AGI or Strong AI is often like the holy grail of AI for developers, like Skynet from Terminator.

Let’s learn about RPA next.

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Types of IP addresses

Before we delve into how to find your ip address, you should know there are two types of ip addresses. The first kind of ip address is your external ip address. This is what most people search for when they type “what is my ip” on Google or Bing or Duckduckgo any other search engine. It is probably why you are here too! Your external ip address is your unique device number that the rest of the internet sees. It is relatively easy to find as we will talk about below. You can scroll down to that part to know the answer now. The second kind of ip address is your local IP address. This is required when you want to know your unique device number that identifies your device to a local network. Let’s talk about how to find each of these two types of ip addresses.

How to find my IP address?

Scenario 1: When you search for “What is my ip?” and mean “What is my external ip?”

If you were looking for your external ip address, that led you to type “what is my ip?” on to a search engine like Google or Bing, the answer is very simple. You probably have already got it. If you haven’t, here it is:

Step-1) Go into a search engine and type “what is my ip”

Step-2) You will already get an answer on Google like this:

Step-3) If you’re not satisfied with the answer and want to double check the results, you can scroll down and visit amongst the many websites that will help you find your external ip address like:

· https://www.whatismyip.com/

· https://whatismyipaddress.com/

· https://www.iplocation.net/find-ip-address

· https://www.myip.com/

· https://www.purevpn.com/what-is-my-ip

· https://www.expressvpn.com/what-is-my-ip


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Scenario 2: When you search for “What is my ip?” and mean “What is my local ip?”

If you searched for “what is my ip?” and meant how to find your local ip address, this is a little bit more complex. Read on.

How to find my local ip address on a Windows machine?

This method works on most Windows operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10. Here’s how to do it:

Step-1) Click on “Start” button in Windows and search for an app. Or, directly search from the desktop screen for Windows 10 users. You have to search for the word “cmd”, which should show you your Command Prompt application

Step-2) Simply type the word “ipconfig” on the resulting Command Prompt window that opens

Step-3) The number written alongside your IPv4 address is what you’re looking for. It will be 11 numbers in the format- You should get a screen like this:

what is my ip 2


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How to find my local ip address on a MAC machine?

This is how to find your local ip address for MAC and Apple users.

Method 1: How to find your MAC ip address using Apple Menu

Step-1) Click on the icon named “System Preferences” from your “Apple Menu”. This is located at the top left of your screen

Step-2) Click on the icon called “Network” from the “System Preferences” screen

Step-3) Amongst the options that open on your screen, ergo. “Wi-Fi”/ “Ethernet”/ “Bluetooth”, etc. you will find ones that have a green dot placed beside them. Click on any one of them and you should see a message that mentions your ip address in the format “”.

For example, if you click on Wi-Fi to view your ip, you will see a message like this “’Your Wi-fi device name’ is connected to your ‘Network name’ and has the ip address”. You should see a screen like this:

what is my ip 3

Method 2: How to find your MAC ip address using Mac OS X

To find your local IP address in your Mac using the MAC OS X Terminal, follow the following steps.

Step-1) Launch the Mac OS X Terminal. The terminal is located inside /Applications/Utilities/

Step-2) Use the following command and type:

ifconfig |grep inet

You should a screen that lists a bunch on ipnet addresses and information. The last entry of the unit should be your local ip address and will be listed in the same format as mentioned above.


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