Top 10 Most Asked Questions on Google (And Their Answers)

Can you imagine having your internet access, but not having access to Probably not. For most people the internet equals Google. The world’s largest search engine is a vital part of our lives. We google our destination before we leave home, we google school and office project requirements, we ask google all sorts of personal questions that we don’t even ask our friends. A look into someone’s Google search history can reveal a lot about them.

Here, I tell you the selection of the Top 10 questions everyone asks Google, and their possible answers in August 2019.


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Question-2) What time is it? (approx. 2,350,000 monthly searches)  

Is it a surprise? Every time there is an inter time-zone conversation on the cards, we google “what time is it” ..somewhere. Does anyone need to Google ‘what time is it’ to find what the time is where they are? That would be foolish!

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Question-5) How to tie a tie? (approx. 680,000 monthly searches)

Men like their ties. Some women too. ‘How to tie a tie’ is therefore a popular search keyword on Google. There are many answers to the question how to tie a tie, as there are a variety of ways you can tie a tie. You can read a detailed article on how to tie a tie here.

Question-1) What is my ip? (approx. 3,500,000 monthly searches)

‘What is my ip’ is a frequent search query on Google. The reason for that is mainly this that your ip address (internet protocol address) is an important technical data most internet users, if not all, require at some point or another. There are two kinds of ip addresses on your device, internal and external. You can find the public ip address simply by typing “what is my ip” on Google. To learn how to find your local ip address on Windows and Mac machines, read my full blog- What is my IP?

Question-3) How to register to vote? (approx. 1,523,000 monthly searches)   

For the largest democracies in the world like the United States of America (USA) and India as soon as the national election comes around, searches from people on “how to register to vote” come flooding in on Google.

To learn how to register to vote in the USA? Visit here.

To learn how to register to vote in India? Visit here.

Question-4) What do you mean? (approx. 830,000 monthly searches)

What do you mean when you type ‘what do you mean?’ on Google. It is difficult to get inside the head of each individual Google user and comprehend what they are thinking. It could be they are looking for the answer to a specific phrase by searching “what do you mean.. when you say something”, or maybe, they are looking for “what do you mean.. insert popular catchphrase or proverb”. Either way, Google gets a lot of this question.


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Question-9) Where is my refund? (approx. 450,000 monthly searches)

In an age where everyone is transacting online using one-click payment options like Google Pay, every now and again a situation arises where you end up asking someone “where is my refund?”. Many times, you ask the question on and help it find answers for you.

Question-10) How many weeks in a year? (approx. 450,000 monthly searches) 

The answer to the question ‘how many weeks in a year’ is that there are 52 full weeks in any year. In a normal year that has 365 days, there are 52 and 1/7 weeks and in a leap year there are 52 and 2/7 weeks.

Question-6) Where is my phone? (approx. 600,000 monthly searches)

How many times have you lost your phone? Or, at least not been able to find it temporarily? Probably quite a few times. Hence, you’ve probably also googled “where is my phone?” at some point.

  • You can find the answer to “Where is my phone?” for Android users here- Find my device (Google)
  • You can find the answer to “Where is my phone?” for Apple users here- Find my iPhone

Question-7) When is Mother’s day? (approx. 500,000 monthly searches)   

When is mother’s day is another popular search entry on Mother's Day is celebrated on different days in different countries. The multiple answers to the question- ‘when is mother’s day?’ are:

  • Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May in countries like Australia, Canada and the USA
  • Mother’s day is celebrated exactly 3 weeks before Easter Sunday in the UK


Question-8) When is Father’s day? (approx. 500,000 monthly searches)

Much like mother’s day, ‘when is father’s day’ is also a popular search query amongst Google users. Again, Father’s day is celebrated on different days in different countries. In countries like the US and UK, Father’s day falls on the third Sunday of June. In some countries, namely- Italy, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Bolivia, Honduras, Liechtenstein, Mozambique, Andorra, and Angola, father’s day is celebrated on the 19th of March.


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