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Are you wondering about if you should learn Spanish? Many students in high-school, and opening years of college give the idea of leaning Spanish a thought. Having knowledge of multiple languages is a boon in today’s world. With the globalization of most companies made even easier with technology now, you never know when you might be taken on for an international work assignment.


In such a situation, having knowledge of a foreign language can come in handy. It is also useful to learn a new language as it broadens your mind, and helps you connect more with other cultures, and definitely becomes more than useful if you’re an avid traveler. Spanish is a very good choice as an alternative language. Here’s why.

Reasons to Learn Spanish

Spanish is one of the most important languages in the world. The Spanish language enjoys ‘official’ status in at least 24 countries across the globe. Spanish has over 400 million native speakers in the world. The Spanish language is the world’s 3rd most spoken language, in a list topped by Chinese (Mandarin) and English. If you are thinking about studying a foreign language, Spanish is definitely one of the best options. Again, as a traveler it is definitely advisable for you to learn Spanish, because you will be able to travel to almost all Latin American countries without any hassle. Learning Spanish is not difficult, there are a lot of options you can choose from to study. You can study it in your school or college, you can join a course or private institution, you can take an online course, or view course cds and listen to audio books.

  • Spanish is the world's 3rd most popular language, and ranks as 2nd most popular in terms of native speakers.
  • Spanish is the 2nd most used language in international communication. Spanish is also an official language of the UN and its subsidiaries
  • Spanish serves as the mother tongue of approximately 350 million people across 21 countries. Spanish is also spoken in another 21 countries where it is not an official language
  • Spanish speaking Hispanic customers are the amongst the fastest-growing market in North America. If you’re a business owner in the USA or Canada, learning Spanish can help you grow your business in the area.
  • You can visit exotic countries like Mexico, Spain and even Ecuatorial Guinea and have more fun mingling with the local culture
  • Spanish can also inadvertedly help you learn how to dance salsa, merengue, tango and other dance forms as you can better understand Latin music
  • Learning Spanish will enable you to read books from famous Spanish writers and poet like Garcia Marquez, Isabel Allende, Cervantes, Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral and more

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What Jobs Can I Get If I Learn Spanish?

One of the best jobs you can get just from learning Spanish language is as a Spanish translator. The translation industry is a profitable industry. Translation agencies pay good money to well-versed Spanish translators. If you want to be a professional Spanish translator, you will need to show an expert level of skill in your native language, as well as fluency in written and oral expression of the Spanish language. As a Spanish translator, you will also need excellent academic preparations in Spanish grammar, punctuation, and syntax. If you’re interested in working in a particular subject viz. politics, economics, literature, medical translation, then you should consider taking additional courses in those subjects as well. If you do all these things, you can soon land a well-paid job as a Spanish translator.

List of Countries where Spanish is an Official Language

Mexico: Population- 120,286,655

Colombia: Population- 48,400,388

Spain: Population- 47,737,941

Argentina: Population- 43,024,374

Peru: Population- 30,147,935

Venezuela: Population- 28,868,486

Chile: Population- 17,363,894

Ecuador: Population- 15,654,411

Guatemala: Population- 14,647,083

Cuba: Population- 11,047,251

Bolivia: Population- 10,631,486

Dominican Republic: Population- 10,349,741

Honduras: Population- 8,598,561

Paraguay: Population- 6,703,860

El Salvador: Population- 6,125,512

Nicaragua: Population- 5,848,641

Costa Rica: Population- 4,755,234

Puerto Rico: Population- 3,620,897

Panama: Population- 3,608,431

Uruguay: Population- 3,332,972

Equatorial Guinea: Population- 1,722,254

List of Countries where Spanish is a Significant Minority Language

Andorra: Population- 85,458: Approx. percentage speakers- 35%

Belize: Population- 340,844: Approx. percentage speakers- 31%

Gibraltar: Population- 29,185: Approx. percentage speakers- 82%

United States of America: Population- 318,892,103: Approx. percentage speakers- 16%


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