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Pirates of the Caribbean is a franchise dynasty of its own. The series has a sequence of 5 immensely popular fantasy pirate theatrical feature films produced by Disney studios. The movies, based on Disneyland’s famous Pirates of the Caribbean theme park ride grossed over $4.5 billion worldwide combined. Disney’s the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series was the first movie franchise where 2 separate movies grossed over $1 billion globally.


The 5 movies in the order of their release were:

Captain Jack Sparrow was the legendary pirate and by far the most popular character from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies. The part of pirate leader Captain Jack Sparrow was portrayed by actor Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. The portrayal of the famous pirate by the charismatic actor with his unique mannerisms and idiosyncrasies led to astonishing popularity. Many people want to dress up as Captain Jack Sparrow for Halloween and search for “how to dress like jack sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies?”

What is a Pirate?

Pirates, are actually the robbers from the sea, who lurk for unsuspecting ships and attack them in order to steal their bounty. The life of a pirate is often romanticized as being one that is free and exciting, with tropical settings, seedy taverns and swashbuckling sword fights the norm. Like in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Captain Jack Sparrow is a carefree, alcoholic and slightly mad character with a good heart.

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Below we will look at the most famous pirate costume- one of Captain Jack Sparrow, with details of the typical items that you will need to make a perfect pirate costume.

What do you need for a Captain Jack Sparrow costume?

Here are the things you need to make a successful homemade pirate costume:

  • loose fitting white shirt
  • loose fitting brown vest jacket
  • brown suede knee length boots
  • dark grayish-green trousers
  • a tattered white cloth with red lines on it
  • a worn brown colored belt with a large buckle
  • red bandana
  • black eye shadow

How to dress in a DIY Captain Jack Sparrow costume?

Most pirate costumes are similar in style, put together with loose fitting brown and white clothing, boots, a bandana and dark grayish-green trousers. You should tie a tattered white cloth around your waist that has red lines on it, and also a used-looking brown belt that has a large buckle. Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies has very complex hair. Captain Jack’s hair has matted dreadlocks and braids, plus colored beads, trinkets, coins, a long thin reindeer bone, and some feathers tied to the ends of his hair. He also wears a red bandana, and has dark, thick eye shadow around his eyes. You need to do the same.

How to dress in a DIY pirate costume?

To customize your costume a bit from the Jack Sparrow look, you can wear a long pirate’s jacket and a tricorne hat. You can also attach a small sword to a shoulder strap and stick an old fashioned replica flintlock pistol into your belt. Homemade pirate costume ideas often include a black eye patch, often with a white skull and crossbones on it– the feared symbol of death that is used by pirates on their flags. For a funny pirate costume, you can also attach a toy parrot to your shoulder.


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