How To Ace An Interview? (17 Tips To Appear in Job Interviews)

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Going for a job interview is tough, especially if you’re just starting out and are a fresher. A job is very much a necessity in today’s world and for most, “how to appear in an interview?” or “how to nail an interview?” is a legitimate thought they come across at least once in their lives. A lot of the kind of preparation for a job interview you do, is based on the kind of job role you’re interviewing for, for example, if you’re interviewing for a technical role, you should practice and be good at coding or other technical requirements for the role. But, there are some evergreen interview tips that will always be true no matter which field you’re from or which stage of your career you’re in. Here are list 17 tips on how to ace an interview, everytime. 

Job Interview Tip- 1) Make a Short and Sweet Resume

It has been said that your resume must catch the eye of the interviewer in 10 seconds or less. Many recruiters will swear they don’t skim through resumes, but I think we all know at this point that it’s not true. So, how do you catch the interviewer’s eye and impress? A key to a killer resume is creating a highly “sellable” resume summary. For an added advantage you can tailor the summary to match the job description of the role you’re applying for.

Yes, this method will take more time than sending your same copy resume to 100’s of jobs. But, if you try it, you will definitely see a better response rate from all that you apply to.

Job Interview Tip- 2) Be Punctual

No matter which level of the corporate ladder you’re on, you must value time. Time is money. Plan better, leave early, do whatever it takes to be on time. Blaming traffic or anything else, even if it’s true will not help you if you’re late to an interview.

Job Interview Tip- 3) Switch Off your Smartphone

This is obvious and you’ve been told this many times. But, people forget in anxiousness of an interview. Do a double or triple check to make sure your phone is on silent.

Job Interview Tip- 4) Research The Company

One of the most common questions that is a part of almost all interviews is, “Why do you want to work here?”. You’ve probably heard it too. How do you answer it? Do a simple Google search about the company and try to learn as much as you can about the company’s mission, objectives, goals, and future plans. You should have enough knowledge about the company, how your role might fit into operations and how you can help the company.

Job Interview Tip- 5) Bring A Hard Copy Resume

Your interviewer or the company HR department will most likely have a copy of your resume. But just to be sure, have a printed copy of your resume on top of the soft copy people usually have backed up on their phones.

Job Interview Tip- 6) Carry a Notepad You Can Scribble On


Not a lot of people bring a notepad to job interviews. It might be very subtle, but can have a psychological impact on your interviewer that makes you stand out. If you do carry a notepad, take some notes when appropriate during the interview.

Job Interview Tip- 7) Dress Appropriately

If you’re interviewing for a company that has a formal work culture, wear formals. If you’re interviewing for a more casual workplace, go with a more casual attire. Do your research on their website, ask someone from their recruitment or HR team about dress codes and go appropriately dressed. Also, maintain a good hygiene, try to have a shower or bath before you go, and don’t use overwhelming perfumes. They can be a turn-off.

Job Interview Tip- 8) Set Your Social Profiles to Private

Well, everyone knows it by now. You’re on social. Everyone is. Your interviewer and your prospective company knows it too. They will check. If you think you have something that hinders your chances of cracking the interview, just set your socials to private for a couple of days.

Job Interview Tip- 9) Don’t Joke

Here’s the thing. Sense of humor is actually an asset and a great personality trait to have. The problem is too many people think they’re funny when in reality they’re really not. A job interview isn’t your stand-up open night to perform. Stick to being friendly, cut the jokes.

Job Interview Tip- 10) Don’t Blabber

When asked to answer a question, do so promptly. Don’t start off on tangents.

Job Interview Tip- 11) Don’t Badmouth a Former Boss

Bad mouthing previous employers or employees in that organization in a job interview is a huge negative. Even if you think they were legit horrible bosses, keep it for friends and family to discuss.

Job Interview Tip- 12) Don’t Flirt

Yes. This should be common sense. But, even if you find an interviewer incredibly attractive, just DON’T!

Job Interview Tip- 13) Don’t Fidget

It’s quite normal to be anxious during an interview. But do not fidget, or rub your chin, or twirl your hair, or anything of the sort. They make you look nervous and not confident.

Job Interview Tip- 14) Don’t Share Personal Details

TMI (too much information) is a thing in interviews. Just, leave out certain details of your life.

Job Interview Tip- 15) Maintain Appropriate Eye Contact

Don’t stare at the floor or ceiling when speaking or listening makes. It makes you look disinterested. Maintain enough eye contact to look confident, but don’t hold too long at a stretch. That gets creepy!

Job Interview Tip- 16) Sell Yourself

When asked to talk about yourself, have clear goals in mind to say. Have a few of your best accomplishments off the top of your head ready to make your mark and obviously have knowledge and ideas about the role you’re interviewing for.

Job Interview Tip- 17) Ask Questions

Most interviewers end interviews with a “do you have any questions for me/us?”. You should ask positive questions here. About the company and the role that will reinforce your strong candidature and interest.

There you have it. These are 17 best job interview tips that will always work in whichever era. If you learn from them, you’ll be well on your way to getting hired!

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