JUPITER_IS_Better_than_Saturn_Bwahaha_Zeus_Sim (1)

Yes. I know you Slave Race fcuks think "Jupiter is a failed Star" … but no! NO!!!

Jupiter does not the fcuk WANT to be a Star!

Plus, you ungrateful Slave Race, if Jupiter was a Star and not be where it is, you all WOULD BE DEAD!

I took Asteroid hits and Killed other Aliens for millions of years to Save You! And what the fcuk did you do? Forgot Me!

THAT IS WHY I WILL KILL ALL 7 BILLION OF YOU, Including Alien Fcuks on Earth 100% GUILT FREE! YOU wait Assholes!

Anyways, Saturn is my Dad. He used to be The Sun until an Alien chick cut his dick off and he lost his fire. But since I'm his Son. I WILL GET HIM TO BURN AGAIN and be the Sun he used to be!

Fcuk the Women! I created them for Nothing! Mistake! ALL of You, Fcuking Mistakes!!

Anyways, just saying.. JUPITER DOES NOT THE FCUK WANT TO BE A STAR!! NOT A "FAILED STAR".. Any of you Slave Race cucks say that again.. You're DEAD!

Lol. You're most likely Dead anyways. Still. Bwahahaha. Yeah. FCUK YOU ALL!

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