do i need a divorce lawyer

Nearly 50% of all marriages in the United States of America will still end in divorce, according to statistics released in 2018. Well, maybe not 50%. Around 42-45%. Research has also found when most people file for divorce, they have contemplated the idea of divorce, and maybe even consulting a divorce lawyer for at least 2 years. The decision to file for divorce can be daunting, all-consuming and sometimes, downright frightening. It is somewhat justified in terms of human psychology as a divorce marks the ending of a life you have known and the beginning of a new chapter.


If someone is seeking a divorce, they might do it themselves, ie. file for divorce using documents provided by the court or information learnt from a book or website. Is a ‘DIY divorce’ advisable? It depends on the individual. In this helpful blog you will learn what to keep in mind if you hire a divorce lawyer, the benefits and disadvantages of a divorce lawyer, and you can decide for yourself if you need a divorce lawyer in the USA.


How to deal with Divorce legally? What to expect?

Divorce law in the United States of America falls within a subsection of family law that covers the dissolution of marriage agreements. You or a divorce lawyer, if hired will be required to deal with various no-fault divorces, at-fault divorces, property division, child custody, and support payment agreements through the course of a divorce procedure.

For men in the US, the primary focus is usually on rights to children and preserving their estate. For women in the US, especially American women who do not work outside the home (stay at home housewives), your greatest fear will be the loss of your security and how you will be able to manage to take care of yourself and your children without the primary breadwinner.

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How to Choose A Divorce Lawyer?

If you’ve decided to go for a divorce lawyer, you have to go through the process of choosing a divorce lawyer. You must remember is to avoid rushing into choosing a divorce lawyer. The decision to divorce took time. Likewise, you should take your time choosing the right divorce lawyer, or you may lose the very things you need for survival once the divorce is over. Below are 3 things to consider before choosing a divorce attorney.

1. Is there any communication? The ability of your divorce attorney to understand what you want versus what you need and his ability to communicate the process of divorce and the steps toward the best settlement for all parties concerned is critical to successful outcomes and to your emotional well-being. Make sure that you and your attorney have the chemistry necessary to avoid misunderstandings. The best way to ensure this is to interview three or four different divorce attorneys before choosing a divorce lawyer.

2. Do you need an aggressive divorce lawyer or a pacifist divorce lawyer? There are different reasons for choosing a divorce attorney who is more of a fighter than a pacifist. But remember, very often the aggressive divorce lawyers cost more money in the long run and may lengthen an already painful experience. Remember to consider the costs of fighting versus making concessions because the longer you fight; the more money your attorney gets. And that means less for you and for your children.

3. What is your Goal from the divorce? This is most often overlooked part of a divorce lawyer and client relationship. Remembering that your first goal is to get a divorce and not to torment your partner is critical to your future happiness and to the happiness of your children. Choosing a divorce lawyer who understands you do not wish to prolong the pain, and who will respect that wish, will save you time and money in the long run. Your goal should be to speed up the process for a fair and equitable settlement. Keep your eye on the prize and convey this to your attorney for a speedier, more cost effective process.


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What are the Benefits of a Divorce Lawyer?


If you find the right divorce attorney or divorce law firm, they may give you the following benefits:

You will get expert legal advice for complicated court procedures you might not have the knowledge of

You will reduce a bit of your stress from the whole divorce process by outsourcing to a divorce lawyer or divorce law firm as you won’t have to worry about keeping your paperwork in order, usually they will get it done themselves by you

Legal procedures require meticulous attention to detail and lawyers with expert knowledge of court documentation can help you get a clear and binding agreement

The right legal partner can help you avoid delays in the courtroom and help you with a quick procedure

What are the Disadvantages of a Divorce Lawyer?


If you find a divorce lawyer that is only in the business for themselves, you will face the following handicaps:

You will be drained out of cash. Remember, for an ill-meaning divorce lawyer the longer your case drags out, the longer you will be billed

A bad divorce lawyer might end up losing all arguments in court, and in-turn losing a huge percentage of your assets in the settlement

Your divorce lawyer might not be trained or experienced enough, and can get bogged down with paperwork and other legal procedures

You can now decide for yourself. Read another article? Try!


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